Corporate and Team Building:

Are you and your employees or teammates looking for a challenge to improve how well you work together? The Loretto Escape House is now offering a place for groups of all sizes, dynamics, and ages to grow closer while having a little fun! Tackling an escape game is an experience that will challenge your mind, as well as challenge your group to work together.
Watch as followers become leaders, introverts open up, and Debbie Downer actually smiles!
The pressure of the time counting down to escape pushes each of the players to put their best foot forward in order to make a contribution toward the goal.

The inherent nature of this unique dynamic can benefit your group in the following ways:

Encourages Collaboration

Enhance Communication Skills

Trust Building

Provide Opportunity to Handle Conflict

Aside from challenging your team in the rooms, we have developed a program with additional bonding activities for groups of all types included at no additional cost. Feel free to contact us with information about your group bonding needs and we will gladly build a night targeted for your group.

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